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The following publications are available at any online book seller or they can be found at any Yogastha Sadhana Yoga Shala.

The Yogastha Sadhana Practice Manual  -  Includes a full description (with photos) ofpostures and vinyasa sequences of all 4 Series, along with over 50 Yoga Sutra Contemplations / Meditations and a full translation of the 196 Yoga Sutras.

A new translation of The Bhagavad Gita  -  One of the primary historical scriptures on what it means to be a practitioner of yoga.

The Upanishads  -  A rendering of these classic yogic texts into modern english.  A new translation of the 10 principal Upanishads.

The Awakening Echo of Love ~ 108 Poems of Divine Union  -  Poems and reflective reading inspired by the teachings of Ramakrishna, Meister Eckhart, Kabir, and The Cloud of Unknowing.

The Sacred Yearning ~ 108 Poems of Spiritual Devotion -  Poems and reflective reading inspired by the teachings of Sarmad, Saint Catherine of Siena, Sri Vivekananda, and The Dhammapada

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